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The Animals in Celtic Designs

Animals have characteristics and abilities that were once considered strange, yet at the same time, desired by people : movement, such as flying, diving, swimming long distances, jumping far and high, and running fast, as well as the qualities of fine hearing, and sharp vision, great strength, and the ability to metamorphose. When humans and animals are seen interlaced in a knot, this can represent the dependence of man on nature. List below are a few anaimals and their possible meanings.

Bird: The flight of birds is considered a bridge between the worlds- this world, earth and water. Birds are also viewed as symbols of bearer of messages.

Bull: The bull is symbol of strong will.

Butterfly: The butterfly spans many cultures as a symbol of transformation, inspiration and rebirth.

Cat: The cat represents the guardian of the otherworld.

Dog: The dog symbolizes loyalty and the strong bond of companionship felt between human and animal. Considered to be good luck, the symbol of the dog was commonly found in Celtic art and decor.

Dolphin: The dolphin became a symbol of friendship, good luck, and intelligence. The appearance of the dolphins off the coast of Ireland urged the Celts to contemplate the sea, which was an unknown universe.
Dragon: The dragon is the guardian of treasures. The Celtic dragon is also traditionally associated with military matters. It stands for armed forces and sometimes even a becomes a hero.

Goose: The Celtic symbolism of the goose deals with our own migratory and transitory nature. The goose is also a strong symbol of hearth and home, returning to the same place each spring, so the symbol was displaced to encourage the safe return of the Celtic warrior.

Griffin: Griffins (part eagle and  part lion) are the guardian and protectors of  life and remain loyal to their protection in the afterlife.

Salmon: The salmon are associated with wisdom and prophecy.

Snake: Snakes are seen in Celtic symbolism as a multifaceted symbol that represents fertility. creation and healing.

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Celtic Rings - Double Dragon Heads
Celtic Rings Double Dragons Sterling Silver 925
Your Price: $46.00
Celtic Rings Double Dragons Sterling Silver 925
This sterling silver celtic knot dragon ring, two heads of a dragon on the front and the celtic knot is connected to the heads and goes all the way around the back of the ring. This ring is about 9mm wide.
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