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Celtic Colours has been established since 1995 , to bring you the best in Irish and Scottish Gifts and Jewerly. We travel the world looking for quality, craftsmenship, and value to bring to our customers. 

After more than 20 years in business, in March 2017 the location at Gayton Crossing Shopping Center lease came to an end as the rent kept increasing. We've decided before we rushed in to another store front we would take some time off to build up our online business at  Business is Booming!!! as more and more people are shopping online.  We do miss haveing a store front though and will continue to look for a new location at the right place for the right price, so we are taking our time in this process.  We appreciate all your many years of support and you will continue to find the same service and quality shopping with us online at as you did in the store.

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