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St. Patrick

Their is so much history behind the man, St. Patrick. Millions of people celebrate St. Patrick's Day on March 17th, the day St. Patrick died. St. Patrick was the first to go to the Celtic lands to preach the gospel to the Druids and Pagans of his day. He used symbols like the Shamrock and the Celtic Cross to relate to the heart and minds of the Druids and Pics. The shamrock represented the trinity and the Celtic Cross was used to relate honor to their beliefs. He brought many to believe in Christianity and an new Irish and Celtic culture was start because of his work and love for the Irish people. Their are many stories and legends of St. Patrick, but one fact remains.... their are more than 70 million people that claim to be from Irish ancestry throughout the world, most also claim to be Christians... that is more people than ever lived in Ireland. St. Patrick's message has not just stayed in Ireland but has reached around the world.

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