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Southern Gates Jewelry

The Southern Gates Jewelry consists of Southern Gates Rings, Southern Gates Earrings, Southern Gates Pendants, Southern Gates Necklace and Southern Gates Bracelets and can be seen all together or by catagory. The Southern Gates Jewelry Collection is inspired from ornamental Iron Work at the turn of the century.  The artisans crafted designs in the gates, and railings throughout the south in places like Charleston South Carolina and New Orleans. The iron works that are now used as the inspiration for many of the designs now created in Sterling Silver Jewelry and coming soon 14kt Gold.

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Tree of Life Pendant
Tree of Life Pendant - CX511
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Tree of Life Pendant - CX511
Tree of Life Necklace P207
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Tree of Life Necklace P207
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Ornamental ironwork in the 18th and 19th centuries reflected the influence of blacksmiths who gorged art into gates, grilles and balconies.  The Southern Gates Collection is reminiscent of the art in that ironwork.  This Southern Gates Jewelry is a tribute to the skills of artisans in the past who wrought beauty from the iron in their forges.  The intricate scroll designs show as well in sterling silver as they do in decorative ironwork.

We can order any Southern Gates Jewelry.  If you don't see it and have an item code let us know and we can order for you.
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